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MotionCapture & Animation

BanJax3Dx can offer to create custom animations using source data formatted and edited using Industry Standard Software covering a range of mechanical, architectural and organic animation, specialising in the field of MotionCapture. A complete Motion Capture package is offered, with the capability of completing the whole process from capture through to clean up and application onto a model of your choosing.

A fully independent XSens MotionCapture System is used, which is versatile, and easy to work with, providing a very accurate capture.

BanJax3Dx is also offering a Mobile or Remote Service, which is fully operational, and has been since the end of May 2016.

BanJax3Dx can also offer to create Video Training Modules, provide training/tuition or advice, on 3D Animation, MotionCapture, issues or Workflow.

Turnaround is speedy, efficient with accurate results showing great value for money. MotionCapture can be conducted remotely, at your workplace/studio, indoors or outdoors, most individual requirements can be catered for.

Interest has been registered in 3D Animation & Motion Capture Services.  which is the web portal for amateur dramatic groups to publicise themselves and their events. An entry has been created in the Off/BackStage section of the asking people to contact me at directly if they are interested in using our services. 

Each project/requirement, is individually priced and agreed, and the outlay is dependent on time, individual requirement, project/requirement complexity and final deliverable. For any quotes or inquiries please mail to or telephone 07713 195087.

Below is an extract from a larger Project, demonstrating a capture and how it looks when transferred onto a computer model of choice.  You will then be shown a WIP Project as it materialises.  


BanJax3Dx MotionCapture Clips

This first section is demonstrating the XSens MotionCapture interface, showing the CG Representation of the Actor who is wearing the XSens MotionCapture Suit.  The Actors' movements are transmitted through the XSens Suit to the CG Representation, and its this movement that is recorded. The BanJax3Dx MotionCapture session, is recorded using an actor, who is wearing a XSens Capture Suit, carrying out a set dance routine to a music track. At this stage the use of the complete XSens Mvn MotionCapture System is providing quick and accurate capture and feedback. The captured data is placed onto the XSens Dummy Character, (seen in the viewport), to be viewed and checked for accuracy.  The data is then transferred into an editing software package (MotionBuilder), and placed onto the actual model required for the animation.  The more accurate the capture the less time is required for editing (clean up), otherwise this can become a lengthy process.

Next this recorded motion is edited, if needed, and transferred to the model of choice.  Here the end result of the process can be seen. The edited model and data are then transferred to the chosen main software, for positioning and rendering, in this example 3DS Max.  Further editing may be required within the chosen rendering software, but unlikely.  The example shown took one complete 8 hour day to capture and transfer to the editing package. A further day to edit, as the capture was very good, and then finally delivered for rendering.